Three words that not only inspired us but also made us question ourselves -
  • How is it that the incredible Indian culture is exposed to the world under labels that don't mention us?
  • How is it that despite our impeccable Indian craftsmanship, our artists go unrecognised?
  • Why is it that the land of the royals is always seeking Western influence when it comes to latest and luxury fashion trends?

All these questions fueled our quest to look into the state of the Indian Fashion Industry and in particular, the Luxury Fashion segment. After an in-depth study of the art cultures in India and rigorous research of the global fashion landscape, we arrived at an unmistakable insight.

We spent weeks, learning and brainstorming with a single-pointed focus - to create a brand that positions India on the global fashion landscape as a fashion influencing nation and not just a mass and cheap manufacturer.

We realized that our talents, our legends, our stories, cannot be hazed by a language that isn't ours.

The land that immerses in conscious seeking, enriches through cultural wisdom, and reveres nature like it's divine; the land, that has never slowed, never stopped, never shied nor complied; the land that beacons explorers from across the globe; the land of spices, of mystics, of gold and untold possibilities - what is this land driven by?

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Our Unending Desire

Our desire to be more, to do better and to have it all, all at once.

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