Your article has been made with high quality materials. We recommend you treat the
article with care to preserve its original properties.


Your article will maintain its qualities if it is not directly exposed to sources of light and heat, is stored inside its cloth case, protective bag or the box provided with it. Don’t over-fill an article so it can conserve its original shape for a long time.


Avoid excessive contact with water, oils, perfumes, or cosmetics. If your item gets wet, remove excess moisture by dabbing with a soft cloth and let it dry at room temperature. Always follow the specific care instructions for a particular fabric as provided on the website or on the label. Avoid wearing sharp objects that may damage or tear the material.


For our products, any variations in tone, marks or grains are natural features that should not be considered imperfections. Imperfections in our fabric and canvas products are part of their nature too and should be celebrated.


For any further questions we invite you to write to us via email or the contact form or our social media platforms, where we will be delighted to assist you and inform you about our after-sales service.