Brand Purpose

To quench the desire for Indulgence with Integrity

Expression is your essenceyour history, your past, your science and art, your food and fashion - An Expression of your identity.
How you walk, you talk, you shop and you wear – it matters. For us too.
Your indulgence matters to us and your integrity matters more. We ensure that you seize it all by leveraging KAAMNA.

Brand Values

Work With Nature

  • Sustainability: It’s worthwhile when it lasts generations, takes little from the earth & gives more.
  • Accountability: The responsibility for the life of our products, our people & our world is with us.

Learn From Culture

  • Quality: Today’s toil counts only if its impact is alive decades later.
  • Innovation: Every problem has a solution if you try - all there is to try.

Act For Future

  • Transparency: Each page in the story from the origin to the finished product must be disclosed.
  • Design Thinking: It works best when it works simply.
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