Staying in touch with our roots

Staying in touch with our roots

"Eco-Friendly," "Sustainable," "Vegan," and "Organic."  You'll find one such word no matter what product you try to buy. Seems like the manufacturers are too conscious of our little blue planet Earth and are trying to protect it. Yet we constantly come across headlines like "Climate change: Top companies exaggerating their progress", "Sustainability fails: 10 brands that got it wrong", and "7 Companies Facing Environmental Issues".


So, are these brands fooling the consumers, or is the media exaggerating?

Well, a bit of both. To understand this better, let's dive into the basics. These brands are using something which is called "Greenwashing."


But what is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is a marketing technique that uses misleading claims to present products or services as environmentally friendly when they may not be. Or simple words, it's brainwashing you into believing what you are buying is saving the environment. Which might not be true, but it will make you, the customer, pay a higher premium for goods, thinking that it is to save the planet. And it is some good PR.

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